Glass Awards & Timber Trophy Shop in Laverton

Crafting superior-quality trophies since 1990, Werribee Trophies is well known for providing our world-class services to businesses, sporting organisations, clubs, and schools all over Laverton. No matter the number of trophies you order, our dedicated team will ensure you receive only the highest quality trophies crafted exactly to your specifications. This has made Werribee Trophies the one-shop trophy shop in Laverton and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of trophies and medals:

  • Medals
  • Participation trophies
  • Corporate glass awards
  • Custom glass awards
  • Glass globe trophies
  • Timber trophies
  • Wooden award trophies

Each trophy, medal, and glass award is given equal attention and care. At Werribee Trophies, our priority is you. Our highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each trophy can stand the test of time and become a lasting reminder to keep reaching towards your dreams.

So why should you choose us? What makes Werribee Trophies stand out?

  • High-quality materials used to craft trophies
  • Custom engraving
  • A wide variety of trophies, medals, etc
  • Quality trophies in the fastest timeframe
  • Durable trophies for lasting success

Fully Printed Custom Medal Ribbons in Laverton

As glowing symbols of accomplishment, medals are a well-known form of appreciation in the arena of sports as well as academic endeavours. Success turns to joy when celebrated and appreciated. So, go ahead and appreciate success and accomplishments whether it be academic, corporate, or achievement of sportsmanship success. Along with the engraving of your choice, craftsmen at Werribee Trophies ensure you have the best quality medals in the shortest timeframe. Each medal is given equal attention and is crafted with utmost precision. Customized fully printed medal ribbons are available in a great range for our customers to choose from:

  1. Trophies: Any logo, symbol, image, or engraving of your choosing can be utilized in crafting your custom trophy. Our metallic plates come with adhesive backing. Brushed metal plaques are an excellent choice when higher visibility is a priority. They have a top layer colour of your choosing as well as a different coloured layer on the back and, like metallic plates, these are peelable! These can be cut into shapes and sizes by your order. Metal plates and plaques are also available, which come in different metals such as brass, anodized aluminium, chrome, as well as stainless steel. All these choices and more for our customers has established Werribee Trophies as one of the top trophy suppliers in Laverton.
  2. Awards: Whether it be a glass award, corporate glass award or even glass globe trophy, our skilled craftsmen ensure the engraving, as well as the symbol, logo, or image of your choice, looks elegant on your trophy or award.

Whether it be awarding the accomplishments in academia or the appreciation of a sports competition, each medal is given equal attention and is crafted with utmost precision. We believe in crafting only premium-quality trophies for our customers. Armed with 30 years of experience in the field, Werribee Trophies is the most trusted trophy centre of Laverton. Give our friendly staff a call now and book your trophy to celebrate and encourage victorious accomplishments.